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Congratulations on Germany Aqseptence Environmental Protection Equipment Project settled in CXETDZ
Release time: 2019-11-15 Source: InvestCHN

  In the autumn of October, osmanthus is fragrant. On the afternoon of October 25, under the witness of InvestCHN, Germany Aqseptence Group signed an investment agreement with Changxing Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee. Germany Aqseptence Group started in 1652 and has a history of more than 367 years. It belongs to the originator of environmental protection equipment industry. Its business scope covers all over the world and has more than 30 subsidiaries or branches in 17 countries and regions around the world. The newly established factory will undertake the production, research & development and sales of the full range of products of Aqseptence Group.


  Shi Yiting, County Magistrate of Changxing County, said that the successful settlement of the Germany Aqseptence project will add new impetus to the development of high-quality foreign capital in Changxing County. She sincerely hopes that the two sides will strengthen communication, pay close attention to project approval, and promote early entry, early start-up,and early production of the project.

  Wang Weixin, Secretary of CPC committee of Changxing Economic and Technological Development Zone(CXETDZ), pointed out that CXETDZ will insist on building a new highland of high-quality foreign investment in the Yangtze River Delta. The demand for foreign merchants is always the first service aim. CXETDZ will continue to create the optimal business environment and provide investors with high-quality software and hardware conditions to achieve mutual development of enterprises and development zone.



  Dr. Zhang Jiansan, Director of Aqseptence Group and General Manager of China, said that Changxing is a city with beautiful scenery and outstanding people. The advantages of resources and location at the junction of the three provinces are obvious. It is an excellent investment place for the Group's global strategic deployment. The  comprehensive service of CXETDZ, sound software and hardware facilities, and good industrial foundation have made him believe and confident in the good development of Aqseptence Group in China!



  InvestCHN: Wu Yonghao, General Manager; Xu Zhiqiang, Deputy  General Manager; Bian Jian, General Manager Assistant

  Germany Aqseptence Group GmbH: Dr. Zhang Jiansan, Group Director and General Manager of China; Andrea Giampaolo, Group Director of Technology and Production; Han Jian, Chief Financial Officer of China; Zhang Ting, General Manager Assistant of China; Wang Yanhua, Director of Production of China

  Changxing County Committee of the Communist Party of China: Shi Yiting, Deputy Secretary and County magistrate; Wang Weixin, Standing Committee Member and Party Secretary of Development Zone

  Changxing Economic and Technological Development Zone: Zhang Yu, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee and Director of Administrative Committee; Zhang Shaohua, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee and Executive Deputy Director of  Administrative Committee; He Jieping, Deputy Director of Administrative Committee; Relevant staff of the Foreign Investment Promotion Bureau

Business background

  Germany Aqseptence Group started in 1652 and has a history of 367 years. It is headquartered in Albergen, Germany, a large-scale production company specializing in the production of environmental protection equipment. It has more than 1,500 employees worldwide and its annual turnover will exceed 500 million Euros. The comprehensive strength is ranked first in the world's segmented industry, and its five major brands have been ranked as world champion brands by international magazines. Its business covers the world and has more than 30 subsidiaries or branches in 17 countries and regions around the world. The Group's average single contract engineering project amounted to 6 million euros, including the Jumeirah Palm Island Vacuum Sanitation System in Dubai, the rebuilt of the 7 World Trade Center Building after the 9/11 incident, the construction of the 911 Memorial Hall, and the water inlet engineering system of the Murburg Power Station in Hamburg, Germany.

  The newly established factory of Aqseptence is planned to have a registered capital of 20 million Euros. It is estimated that the total investment will be 60 million Euros. The first term of the lease of Zhejiang Sino-German (Changxing) International Industrial Cooperation Park will be about 10,000 square meters, followed by 50 acres of self-built factory. The line is fully invested, with an annual output value of 500 million yuan after production. It plans to produce a full range of products of Germany Aqseptence Group. It will be renovated and put into operation before June 2020. The new Changxing company name “Aqseptence (China) Co., Ltd.” has been approved by the State Administration of Markets.


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