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  According to the “ Opinions on strengthening the government website construction of information content” (Guobanfa〔2014〕No. 57), the document requires that various county level government departments and town governments (sub-district offices) no longer allowed build induvial government websites, but must use the technical platform from higher level government websites to build sub-station, columns, channels, etc. At same time, higher level government websites are also undertaken Editing integration, technical security, operation and maintenance guarantee, etc. The local development zone governments implemented the instructions from their above governments and have successively closed down the original induvial official websites.

  18th August 2015, Hong Kong Investment promotion China Co.,Ltd.  under the support of more than three hundred development zone of governments in China, successfully created online international investment promotion platform named “InvestCHN”.


  Resolutely maintain the core position of president Jinping Xi and always maintain a positive and glorious image as a Chinese enterprise.

  Original mission of InvestCHN

  InvestCHN aims for create an online international investment promotion platform, devote itself to promote investment career in China, which InvestCHN also shoulder mission of bilateral investment promotion “bringing in” and “going out”.

  Background of InvestCHN

  The first stage: In 2015, InvestCHN complete research and develop, testing and online release of the company.

  The second stage: In 2016, InvestCHN interact with local governments of development zones and at same time, establish a big data system for industrial clunvestCHN carry out foreign investment business, achieve 26 foreign funded companies have settled in the Yangtze River Delta. Accumulate bringing in contractual foreign investment of approximately 1.236 billion dollar, actual utilisation of foreign capital of approximately 623 million dollar, approximately 12.5 billion RMB of agreed annual output value and approximately 1.2 billion RMB of estimated annual tax revenue.

  The fourth stage: In 2020, InvestCHN will maintain the current consulting services, but also take another path to develop the mode of industrial project investment and shareholding. Aim to find win-win cooperation points between investors and InvestCHN, working together to open up the market and other initiatives, promote better and faster development project after landing the agreement, to achieve further consummately development on industrial economy in China.

  Business Scope

  InvestCHN is an investment promotion agency based in China, the core business scope of InvestCHN is to promote the development of foreign investment in China region, offer investors a comprehensive investment consulting, business planning, policy assessment and business contacts, promote other services after the project is landed, in order to achieve the early investment, early start construction and early production.


  Always fight on the front line, with an ideology of industrial projects as the core task!  Based on the concept of service projects, service enterprises and service development zones. Referring to the high quality foreign funded enterprises to the industrial development zone of the industry counterpart, make a full service, achieve foreign-funded enterprises, development zones, and InvestCHN participate together, develop together and make progress together.


  In end of the Qing dynasty closed country, which it delayed the development of china’s industry for more than hundred years. However, current state leaders are ruling china with clarity, InvestCHN all members respect, admire and support.

  Therefore, every member of InvestCHN is urged to work harder without fear, add a brick, a tile to the grand vision for China.

  InvestCHN hopes to encourage more foreign funded enterprises to invest and set up factories or companies in China. With bring advanced technology, equipment, train our citizens, to achieve driven upstream and downstream industry chain, make localised products higher end and affordable; which for foreign funded enterprises, China has an economic market of 1.4 billion people, it can allow foreign funded enterprises to increase their profits and grow their companies. To achieve effect of mutual trust and closer cooperation between Chinese enterprises and foreign funded enterprises. In order to promote national economic development, also result social stability and people’s livelihood.


  Fairness and justice, InvestCHN proved the lofty service spirit is supreme,  company profits are second.

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