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According to the Opinions on Strengthening the Development of Contents of Information on Government Websites (No. 57 [2014] of the General Office of the State Council), various government departments and township governments will no longer build their websites separately, it is required to set up their websites by using the technical platforms of the higher-level government websites. These local governments have implemented the instructions of their superiors and closed down the original official websites one after another.

On August 18, 2015, with the support from more than 300 development zones in China, InvestCHN Limited created and launched an online international investment promotion platform which namely is


Resolutely safeguard the core status of President Jinping Xi and maintain the positive and glorious image of Chinese enterprises at all times.

Original Mission

Creating an online international investment promotion platform and committing to the cause of investment promotion in China; Undertaking two-way investment promotion mission of “bringing-in” and “going-out” .

Development Milestones

The First Phase: In 2015, InvestCHN completed R&D, testing and launched the first online version of

The Second Phase: In 2016, InvestCHN communicated and interacted with EDZs and governments across the country to collecting big data for the purpose of industrial investment promotion analysis.

The Third Phase: From 2017 to 2019, InvestCHN carried out government investment promotion and foreign company site selection consulting business. There're 26 foreign-funded enterprises settled in the Yangtze River Delta region. Approximately USD 1.236 billion in contracted foreign investment; approximately USD 623 million in actual use of foreign capital; approximately CNY 12.5 billion in annual turnover and approximately CNY 1.2 billion in annual tax revenue.

The Fourth Phase: From 2020 to present, InvestCHN continues to carry out the investment consulting services, simultaneously to develop the model of industrial project investment. Looking for win-win cooperation with investors and to promote better and faster development after the project settled so as to further contribute to the development of China’s economy.

Business Scope

InvestCHN is an investment promotion agency based in China, the core business scope of InvestCHN is to promote the development of foreign investment in China, offering the investors a comprehensive service from investment consulting, business planning, policy assessment to business negotiation, and related after-service after the project is settled. So as to achieve early investment, early start and early production of the project.


Take the industrial project as the core task and always fight in the front line! In line with the concept of serving projects, enterprises and development zones, we will introduce high-quality foreign-funded enterprises to the development zones of the corresponding industries, and do a good job in the whole process of service, so as to achieve the joint participation of foreign-funded enterprises, development zones and InvestCHN for common development and progress.


The closed-door policy in the late Qing Dynasty delayed the development of China’s industry for more than a century. However, the present political leaders of the country are with great wisdom and global vision. They are admired, loved and supported by all of InvestCHN's employees. To this end, every member of InvestCHN is urged to work hard and bravely to add one piece of brick or tile to our country's grand vision.

InvestCHN hopes to encourage more foreign funded enterprises to invest and set up factories or companies in China which will bring advanced technology, equipment, train our citizens, integrate upstream and downstream of the industry chains, and make domestic products more high-end and affordable. For foreign funded enterprises, China's market of 1.4 billion people will allow them to make profits and grow fast and finally to achieve mutual trust and closer cooperation between Chinese enterprises and foreign funded enterprises. Thus promoting the national economic development and social stability.


Fairness and Justice

Customer Services First

Business Interests Second

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