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InvestCHN's Site Selection Procedure

The First Stage

1. Investment Consulting:

1. InvestCHN sends the "Project Promotion Letter of InvestCHN " to investors, and the investors seal the receipt.

2. Investors provide project information to InvestCHN (project background, carrier requirements, project progress, project expectations and intentional site selection of development zones, etc.).

2. Business Planning:

1. InvestCHN conducts business planning based on the information provided by the investors.

3. Policy Evaluation:

1. InvestCHN conducts preliminary policy evaluations of the project based on business planning and experience.

The Second Stage

4. Carrier Matching:

1. InvestCHN issues the "Investment Promotion Questionnaire of InvestCHN" to the Investor’s Intentional Site Selection of Development Zone.

2. Intentional Site Selection of Development Zone sends back "Investment Promotion Questionnaire of InvestCHN".

5. Business Contact:

1. The first round:  to conduct on-the-spot investigations of 4 to 6 development zones and conduct preliminary communication.

2. The second round: to select 3 development zones to form a comparison and conduct in-depth policy negotiations.

3. The third round: to choose 1 from 3 companies to sign an investment agreement and a carrier agreement.

The Third Stage

6. Certificate Processing:

1. After signing the investment agreement, InvestCHN will apply for a business license for investors for free.

2. InvestCHN  registers with the Ministry of Commerce for the "Record of Establishment and Change of foreign-invested enterprises" for investors.

Time period: The regular process is 3 months.

Investing in the record: InvestCHN will accompany throughout the process, and make photo record.

InvestCHN's commitment: There is no charge for InvestCHN staff to provide services to investors.

Notice for Investors: In the process of site selection, docking with development zones can only be made by InvestCHN as the sole interface. Regarding the carrier and policy, investors can directly negotiate with development zones to avoid "one development zone, two sets of policy plans", causing unnecessary contradictions among development zones.

The Role of InvestCHN:

1. To avoid that investors over-package the project, resulting in development zones to consider that the investors maliciously package the project to deceive the high-quality carrier and preferential policies of development zones after the project is settled.

2. To eliminate such phenomenon that a few number of development zone staff ask for rebates from various investors with various reasons.

3. To ensure that the project site selection is in order, and the quality of the investor's project is proportional to the preferential policies of development zones.

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